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Painted Prints

Great as gifts for Mum, Dad or other relatives, you can put footprints onto mugs, coasters, plates vases or anything big enough for a print. We can even do the writing for you! (handprints possible after about 15 months)

Clay Impressions

Impressed clay prints – beautiful hand or footprints in clay to keep forever – from a single hand or footprint to a whole family’s prints framed together.


Hand and Footprint Creations

We have lots of design ideas for you to copy yourself - We can help you take the prints, do the writing and for a small fee (£2 per item) finish the design for you!



Commissions and signature plates are a perfect keepsake gift for birthdays, christenings or new baby!


Gift Vouchers

A great new baby gift, parents can come a create a keepsake of their little ones hand or feet!


Sutton Coldfield Framing

Frame their first football kit, outfit or baby shoes to keep forever!

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