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Clay impressions

Impressed clay prints  

Beautiful hand or footprints in clay to keep forever. From a single hand or footprint to a whole family’s prints framed together.

Choice of print, mount and frame colours, framed individually or in family groups.

First shoes, photographs, etc can also be framed with the prints.


Ready for collection approx. 4-5 weeks after prints are taken


Appointments are necessary – please ring 01213083984 or email to book


Unframed pair- hands or feet or combination £45


Single – hand or foot £60

Pair -hands or feet or combination £90

2 singles framed together £95

2 pairs framed together £109

3 singles framed together £119

3 pairs framed together £145

Family set – 4 singles £145

Family set - 4 pairs £169

Pair of feet and baby’s first shoes or a photo £95

Please enquire for other combinations

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